About Us

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Northwest Pyrotechnics Association shall be to promote and encourage safe, legal, and artful pyrotechnic operation throughout the Northwest through training, demonstration, and exchange of information.

In late 2010, former members of The “North West Pyrotechnic Arts Association” NWPAA met with members of the “PyroUniverse” and decided to form a new group of 1.3G and 1.4g Pyrotechnic Enthusiasts. The result is what you see here today.

We now have our own BATFE Type-20 License with an approved fireworks storage magazine. We can purchase and store any & all display and Consumer products available. We carry our own insurance and work closely with the Local Fire Chief and Fire Marshall to legally permit all of our events.

Though it was never required, all of our current “Board Members” are Licensed Washington State Display Operators. We have multiple Oregon Licensed Professionals as well!

Come see what you might add to enhance 100% volunteer-driven crew for great fun and adventures in pyrotechnics!