Will all shoots be permitted?
Permits are pulled for all non-tribal shoots. It is important to remember that Tribal land is considered a sovereign nation, and as a result Tribes do not require a state permit and instead have their own process (often far more informal).

Will all shoots be insured?
Yes, we pull an insurance certificate for each shoot. This is to cover the club as well as the site host.

In a typical shoot, who is the pyro on the permit?
For permitted (non Tribal) shoots the lead pyro will depend on who is able to attend and who steps up to be the lead. For Tribal shoots a lead is not required, so the event organizer, safety/builder chairs, and board members will be the person(s) in charge.
Note: We can still submit a shoot report for each shoot as long as a licensed pyrotech submits the report. Please see the forums or check by sign-in to see who the licensee is for each shoot.

How many shows or shoots do you anticipate per year?
The club is able to do 10 shoots + 2 for charity under our current insurance level. We currently have an average of 6-7 shoots per year and are always interested in adding more shoot dates

What does the club look for in a shoot site?
When we look for a shoot site we don’t have a hard set of requirements, but a good rule of thumb would include the following:

  1. Space: Setback is required for larger shells and built items, generally speaking a 720ft circle around the center of the shoot site is required to be able to allow the most items, however smaller sites are considered
  2. Proximity: Distance from buildings, heavily populated areas, flammable materials, etc.
  3. Location: Generally shoot sites are only located in Washington due to restrictive permitting in Oregon, some sites are not viable certain times of year for fire danger, flooding, or snow depending on the area.
  4. Amenities: It is important that a site either A. Provide the ability to camp (even dry camping) OR be within a reasonable proximity to lodgings (30 minutes or so)
  5. AHJ: The authority having jurisdiction or AHJ and how they feel about fireworks often has impact on whether or not we can get a permit for a new shoot site

What does the club offer as a benefit to members?
Please see our Membership Info page for more information

I have more questions, how do I get in contact with you?
The best way to contact us is through Email Info@NPAclub.org or our Facebook page Facebook.com/NPAClub. You can also interact directly with members by joining our Facebook group NPA Club

Does the club accept donations?
Yes. If you are interested in making a contribution to our club, whether monetary, product, equipment, etc please contact us using the information above.

We would like to have the club shoot our show, can NPA do this?
While the NPA is willing to turn your show into one of our events, we cannot JUST shoot a show. We have to maintain ourselves first and foremost as a club and any benefit gained by having the club put on a show also has to be balanced with our members being allowed to open shoot.

Can we hire the club to do a show and pay you?
No. The club cannot accept payment for any show. We are not a display operator, nor are we trying to be.

Can we request the club to come give a training? 
Please contact us. We have a wide breadth of knowledge and would love to try and put together a training. We have done trainings for First Responders and internal trainings of our club members, we also have many members who travel to larger events put on my PGI and WPA and are well versed in all things pyrotechnics.

Do you have examples of what the club does?
YES! While we don’t have any feature-length videos showing how an entire day goes at a club shoot, we do have a YouTube channel that shows the results of our time and effort, and photos posted that give an idea of some of the cool things you might see. Check out our YouTube Channel and Facebook Page or peruse our site Blog