Will all shoots be permitted, or only those not on tribal property?
All NPA hosted shoots are insured and under permit. Those that take place on tribal property will almost always be 1.4g and we will work the permits and permissions on a case by case basis.

In a typical shoot, who is the pyro on the permit?
The pyro on the permit will vary at each shoot depending on who goes. Most of the time it will be one of the board members or a qualified designee. Members who actively participate from start to finish on our shoots will receive show credit.

How many shows or shoots do you anticipate per year?
In full stride we will hit 10-12 shows per year which may or may not include pyrotechnic workshops and activities.

What happens if the club should call it quits and disperses?
The club maintains a secured bank account and plans expenditures very carefully. Should the association ever collapse, the lifetime members will be given a prorated refund. The prorated refund will be the total paid minus the sum of what a regular membership would have cost from the date of lifetime enrollment to the day the association officially ends. Every refund scenario will be carefully examined by the board and subsequently board approved. Lifetime Membership refunds do not apply to those who obtained lifetime membership through any other means than outlined above (such as hosts who were sponsored into a lifetime membership by other members).