About Us

Vision Statement

To provide a safe and legal environment for members to enjoy a wide range of pyrotechnics and to help budding pyrotechs to grow into the hobby and industry. 

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Northwest Pyrotechnics Association shall be to promote and encourage safe, legal, and artful pyrotechnic operation throughout the Northwest through training, community, demonstration, and exchange of information.

In late 2010, former members of The NorthWest Pyrotechnic Arts Association (NWPAA) met with members of Pyro Universe and decided to form a new group of Pyrotechnics Enthusiasts. The result is the Northwest Pyrotechnics Association that you see today.

Club Info
NPA now carries a BATFE Type-20 and has a licensed magazine for storage which allows us to legally purchase, store, and discharge 1.3 items at club events, as well as allowing our builders to create items on site at events.

We carry our own insurance which covers each event, and those events that require it are permitted (Note: state permits are not required on tribal land and do not apply to sovereign soil.) 

NPA has licensed pyrotechnicians in Washington, Oregon, and British columbia. All events that require a licensed lead have a licensed member to fill that role, and all events count as two of the six days per year required to attain a pyrotechnics license.

Our club is the best place to learn in a hands-on environment, we have a diverse selection of people from all walks of pyrotechnics that you simply won’t find outside of a club.