New Members

To apply for membership, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the NPA Application V1.4
  2. Fill out all fields on the application, then sign and date
    1. If using Adobe Reader, click Fill & Sign on the right hand side, then you can fill in the forms. This only works with a downloaded file opened in Adobe, not on the web preview
    2.  If handwriting, please take extra care to print legibly
  3. Pay the membership fee below 
  4. Send the application to

–> The application is in PDF format. If you need a .pdf reader click here and follow the directions. <–

NPA Currently offers 3 tiers of membership 

  1. Single membership: Covers one person.
  2. Family membership: Covers the member, significant other, and any non-adult dependent children.
  3. Business membership: Covers the member, one business partner, and up to 3 rotating employee helpers per event. 

Memberships also come in different types

  1. Weekend memberships: Covers the same as above but only for a weekend.*
  2. Full memberships: Run annually from January to January.
  3. Late membership: Available after July each year. Gives a full membership for the remaining year and the full following year**
*Weekend memberships do not get access to the forums and may only be used one time. Weekend memberships can be converted to a full membership if the difference is paid before the next scheduled club event. 
**Late membership may be purchased only one time.
Weekend Membership
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NPA Membership (One Time)
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NPA Late Membership (One Time Only)
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