Independence Day 2014

We hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July!

With the unofficial start of Summer in the Northwest underway, the NPA is gearing up for some exciting upcoming events. We are also investigating new opportunities for events and shoots.

Stay tuned!

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Independence Day 2013

We hope you all had a safe and fun-filled Independence Day. Let’s never forget all those who sacrificed so much for the freedoms that are granted to us by this great nation, and don’t forget to take time to think about the big picture beyond fireworks and what this day is really all about.

Happy Independence Day!

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Independence Day 2012

The NPA would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July! This day occurs just once a year. In the northwest, July 4th often marks the unofficial “beginning” of summer. But to all of us it is a time to celebrate our freedoms and liberties. Let’s celebrate safely 🙂

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